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Fault injection pump test bench
Edit: Taian Sunwe Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd    Date: 2014-05-09
Common causes of pump test bench and troubleshooting faults generated as follows: 
  Common symptoms, cause analysis, troubleshooting 
Increases the speed is slow 
Small power test bench 
Phase voltage is too low or 
Control box failure 
Spinning at rated speed and then refuel 
Check and adjust the power 
Access Control Box 
Fuel instability (refer to each cylinder oil) 
Low oil pressure 
Air in the oil 
Low oil blocked 
Fuel pump failure 
Low oil pressure 
Air in the oil 
Low oil blocked 
Fuel pump failure 
Poor uniformity 
Nozzle wear 
A small amount of oil or oil pressure 
Fuel pump failure 
Replace the injector 
Check the fuel tank and fuel pump 
Check the fuel pump 
Hydraulic pump too 
Low or no oil 
Blockage or leak oil line 
Pump failure 
Motor reversal or failure 
Oil tank is too low or lack of oil 
Clean up the oil 
Pump overhaul 
AB exchange or check motor phase 
Check the oil tank 
Oil pressure is too high 
Valve stuck 
Return pipe blockage 
Withered pressure valve failure 
Valve repair 
Dredge return pipe 
Withered pressure valve repair 
Speed ‚Äč‚Äčinstability 
Motor power 
Control box failure 
Oil in batches school 
Access Control Box