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The overall structure of the fuel injection pump test bench
Edit: Taian Sunwe Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd    Date: 2014-05-09
Fuel injection pump test bench , which includes : airframe , electrical , fuel injection angle dials, tables, side of the fuel pump bracket is , the side surface inspection device , the standard jet pump nozzle , rotary arm , rotary arm column , speed gear , head speed , control devices, fuel tank, high pressure gauges , low pressure gauges, control cabinet, control panel , emblem machine high pressure pump tester , whose assembly diagram shown in Figure 2-3 . Where:
    Body : the main test bed , the table on which are mounted , tested fuel pump bracket , the side surface inspection device , which is mounted on the motor , fuel tank, the governor and other gear ;
    Motor: the base is fixed to the fuselage , with the output shaft speed in gear couplings. Connected to the fuel pump through the coupling with the measured spindle ;
    Speed ​​gear : the gear is fitted below the speed gun head ;
   Workbench: a platform mounted on the body , the fuel pump is mounted on the engine side of the work holder table , the table is attached to the bottom of a rotary arm , the rotary arm is rotatable in a certain range ;
    Rotating arm column: its lower end fixed to the rotary arm , by means of a clip which is fixed to the upper end of the liquid level detecting means ;
    Fuel tank : It is the source of the oil test rig , providing the fuel injection pump to the test ; tank chassis mounted in the fuselage , the fuel pump through the catheter and the measured phase and liquid level detection device ;
    Control cabinet: the body part of a separate individual , which is mounted control devices , and other electrical components, and electrical components of these devices via a cable attached to the body of the device corresponding to phase in the control cabinet , mounted control panel for operating test bed .