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Fuel injection pump test bench for routine maintenance
Edit: Taian Sunwe Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd    Date: 2014-05-09
Test routine maintenance work is important, it is the purpose of the test station to maintain cleanliness, reduce wear, reduce failures and improve the accuracy of the test. To prevent pollution of oil and fuel pump mechanical impurities, thereby reducing the fuel pump wear, to ensure the life of the fuel pump. 
     Due to the effects of air dust, oil and other factors, test bed surface can easily be contaminated by waste oil, therefore, before work and after work test bench should be wiped clean in two steps. First wet wipe, which is used in diesel twist dry cloth to wipe, wipe after using one thousand cloth carry. This prevents the test bench at work, oil shed (or splashing) collection tank. 
     Pump test bench parameters include pressure test rig speed, working times and oil temperature, etc., test bench work, we should always pay attention to changes in parameters, abnormal to stop checking. In addition, as found in some parts loose or abnormal sound, but also down to check, prohibit injection pump test bench with failures.