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Principles of various fuel injection pump test bench
Edit: Taian Sunwe Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd    Date: 2014-05-09
Diesel fuel injection pump is the heart , and its performance has a direct impact on the quality of diesel engines , such as: engine acceleration performance , fuel consumption size , quality of exhaust emissions , the size of the work noise power performance . With the wide application and development of diesel engines , as diesel high pressure pump manufacturing, testing , maintenance of key equipment , fuel injection pump test bench has also been widely applied and developed. Throughout the development of fuel injection pump test bench , in accordance with the principles of its drive to produce a wide variety of Transmission Type: mechanical drive ( belt drive ) , hydraulic drive, electric drive , etc., wherein the electrical drive pump test bench is divided into DC motor drive, slide variable speed motor drives and frequency difference between the three kinds of transmission format. Currently frequency control of fuel injection pump test bench is the production and maintenance industry generally uses the most advanced test bed, each fuel injection pump test bench is also the leading manufacturer of the product . But we can not ignore the role of other forms of production, maintenance industry. Here are some of the more common test bench :
1 . Mechanical rotating speed test rig
    Mechanical rotation speed test rig is to use adjustable pulleys can be persuaded to implement the fuel pump drive shaft speed CVT . This type of test rig began in the late fifties in domestic production, because of its simple structure, easy to produce, in the fuel injection pump repair industry has a large market , but the low transmission efficiency of this type of product , narrow speed range , it is difficult to meet the high-speed, power diesel engine fuel injection pump debugging support , currently only a small number of this type of test units, mainly for the fuel pump of tractors, construction machinery and other small and medium- power diesel engines debugging , such products already out of the product .
2 hydraulic test stand
     Hydraulic Transmission Test Bed , the transmission efficiency and speed stability , generally better able to meet the requirements of various types of fuel injection pump debugging . Since the 1960s in its domestic production, is a mechanical test rig replacement products. At present, the fuel pump repair industry has a large market . As the product is a hydraulic motor to drive the hydraulic pump drive shaft speed , which require a higher precision hydraulic components , the structure is relatively complex, making manufacture more difficult, more difficult to use, maintenance, operation is not very convenient, loud voice . Therefore , the test station of the species present in the oil pump nozzle manufacturer has been basically eliminated.
3 DC transmission test rig
    With the rapid development and application of electronic technology, along with the emergence of the three forms of power transmission gear pump test bench . DC motor drive test bench , the driving principle is achieved by adjusting the voltage of the DC motor test bench and flux to achieve stepless . Three-phase thyristor rectifier device because of its high manufacturing costs, maintenance and repair of DC motor trouble , and high- volume big , so most oil pump test bench manufacturer failed to develop as a priority .
4 slip motor drive pump test bench
    Transmission principle slip motor drive injection pump test bench is achieved by variable speed clutch slip . The advantage of this test rig is simple structure, low cost, easy to maintain , easy to use , cheap . The drawback is easy to control the speed , it is easy for the operator to be dangerous , so this type of test rig at its left and right sides are usually equipped with emergency stop switch to an emergency stop when the speed control. This test rig hand speed is less stable , large load speed drop also affect its accuracy.
5 . Frequency control fuel injection pump test bench
    AC variable speed electromechanical conversion technology eighties was able to rapidly developing . It is the application of microprocessor technology and motor speed control system consisting of power electronics , the output shaft is generally direct output by the motor drive shaft , smooth operation, its torque characteristics for the fuel pump and other debugging provides accurate speed operation more convenient, and more perfect. Thus domestic pump test bench manufacturer or through the introduction of patented production technology, product , or design their own development , and soon developed a variety of specifications of the inverter type fuel injection pump test bench , so that domestic fuel injection pump test bench get a more technically greatly improved.
     In order to improve the function of the kind of test bench is also a general increase in the improvement of power supply, gas supply, flow meters and other additional features .