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Fuel injection pump test bench control technology
Edit: Taian Sunwe Testing Equipment Co.,Ltd    Date: 2014-05-09
At present, the domestic production of Euro 2 fuel injection pump test bench ( Euro 2 test bench ) is the main transmission mode frequency control technology , the motor output directly. Its principle is to drive a three-phase AC input to the inverter , three-phase alternating current through the drive will become a variable frequency and voltage three-phase AC , three-phase induction motor so that the stepless . The advantage is speed stability ( error ± 1rpm), speed range ( 0 to 4000rpm), the output torque, over voltage, under voltage automatic protection, automatic overload protection , energy saving , easy operation, ultra-low noise host load Droop and small . Taian Hai produced several " Tarzan Hite " brand injection pump test stand ( Model : EM279, HTS279) technology pioneered in the speed preset speed , improve labor productivity, and speed, count , temperature , plus or minus pressure , advance angle , and all other digital achieve a versatile and digital control .
     Taian Hai produced EM579 number of fuel injection pump test bench , the above parameters and color with digital dual display capabilities. The HTS579 injection pump test bench in addition to achieve the speed , count, color temperature control, positive and negative pressure, pump rack schedule, fuel pressure, and other parameters of the flywheel scale display , but also realize the amount of oil color display . The true sense of belonging to the fuel injection pump test bench full-function digital control .
Currently injection pump test bench on the market vary greatly in terms of its configuration and control methods are not the same , thus causing the price disparity between the manufacturers greater attention should compare the user to select the configuration is complete , the function is perfect, performance is reliable, timely service is truly buy their satisfaction.