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Technical specification :
1.      Motor power:.5.5,7.5,11,15,18.5,22kw
2.      Power supply voltage:415,380,220v
3.      Power supply frequency:50/60 HZ
4.      Protection level:IP54
5.      Speed range:0-4000 rpm
6.      Counter setting range:0-9999
7.      Temperature setting range:0-80
8.      Center height of driving shaft:125mm
9.      DC power:12/24V
10. Diameter of the Driving connector:120mm
11. Measuring tube:45ml,150ml,260ml(optional)
12. Number of Measuring cylinder:6,8,12
13. Oil Supply pump:10L/min
14. Fuel supply pressure: High pressure:0-40bar;low perssure:0-4bar
15. Fuel tank cubage:60L
16. Pressure meter: Low pressure:0-6bar;high pressure:0-60bar;inner pressure:0-16bar;Vacuum pressre:-1-2.5bar;Oil meter:0-10bar
17. Heat Power:2kw
18. Temperature controlled range:30-65
19. Size:2000*1060*1800mm
20. Weight:950kg


1.      Fuel delivered of each cylinder on any speed can be tested
2.      Speed, temperature, counter, pressure, Rack meter can be displayed on the computer of test bench.
3.      Rack traveling curve can be displayed(on request)
4.      LCD monitor
5.      Directly driven by motor, variable frequency stepless speed regulation.
6.      Static inspection on the delivery time of each cylinder
7.      Inspection on Performance of the mechanical governor
8.      Inspection on performance of the solenoid valve of VE pump
9.      Inspection on performance of the pneumatic governor
10. Inspection on the performance of the Pressure Compensator
11. Oil returned volume of distribute pump
12. Inspection on the Inner pressure of the VE pump
13. Inspection on the performance of the minus pressure of pneumatic governor
14. Inspection on Pump body sealing performance
15.oil lubricate(on request)
16.Cast iron base(on request)
17. Foced cooller(on request)
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