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Product Description

1. Industrial computer control , WINDOWS system ,19inch LCD screen display

2. Equipped with original imported high - precision flow sensor and automatic turning over measuring cupto do the testing, these two systems can be standby equipment for each other, also ensure the

accuracy and reliability of testing.

3. Industrial PC real-time control and display, WINDOWS system.

4. Oil quantity sensor test oil quantity, 19 inch LCD screen display

5. Adopted original common rail pump to provide 0~1600 bar rail pressure.

6. Rail pressure can be tested in real time, closed-loop control, Stable pressure,

overvoltage protection

7. Adjustable pulse width and frequency of injector??s driving signal

8. Injection times can be set free

9. Preset about 500kinds of injector data, easy to search and compare

10. Short circuit protection

11. Adopted super frequency converter to control rotation speed and insure the testing accuracy

12. Wide operation space, protective organic glass cover to make sure your safe



1. This system support lots of injector brand, such as BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIMENS and so on

2. Check the sealing of CRI (common rail injector)

3. Test oil quantity of CRI during pre-infection period

4. Test oil quantity of CRI under full load

5. Test oil quantity of CRI under idle speed

6. Test oil quantity of CRI under correction working condition

7. Test oil-returning quantity of CRI

8. Check the uniformity of CRI

9. Can test all kinds of CRI pumps

10. Provide open database, you can upgrade, modify the data.

11. Testing finish , report formed, you can save or print it.


Technical parameters

CRS708D common rail pump test bench


400V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz

Driving coupling

ISO4008/10115 mm length 116mm

Test oil tank capacity




Operating conditions

DTC Speed range 0-3500rpm

Feeding pump

Power:0.75KW Flow:6.3 L/min



Measurement sensor

Flow gauge high pressure pump 1-600 ml/min Rail high pressure gauge:0-1600bar

Temperature range

Measuring delta T 0-100 ??C Measuring sensor Pt100

Test oil type

DIN ISO 4113


175*77*144 cm

Weight with package




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